Supporters of the Healing House

Melissa Ritacco

“Both Ashley and Sarah are great loving kind women. I would recommend their halfway to any woman needing a safe place to go while starting their journey in recovery.“

Tiffany Young

“I dont even know where to start. Ashely is one the most beautiful, kindest, selfless women I have ever met. I know that this place will be a great environment for women to get there self together and be surrounded by amazing people. I am so excited for her! This is exactly what she's put her for. Amazing woman!“

Matt Griglock

“Great house people who really care.“

Jason Westrom

I have known one of the owners Sarah for quite awhile and she’s all about her recovery and willing to help the next addict I have no doubt that the healing house is going to be an excellent place for women to recover

Kayleigh Ghulasoouush

“Sarah is a wonderful person actively involved in the recovery community , she surrounds herself with strong women and is always there to offer a friendly smile. Any venture she is apart of is one filled with love and genuine care about an addicts wellbeing “

Kristen Smith

“Ashley and Sarah are both amazing women in recovery with an honest desire to help others. I personally know both of them and have had the privilege of working with them both for quite some time.  I have watched Ashley for over 2 years go above and beyond the job requirements to assist others in early recovery get the services, life skills and opportunities they need to become successful on their journey!  I would recommend this house to anyone solely based on Ashley and Sarah’s character!!”

Supporters of The Healing House

David Levitz

“If anyone is struggling with addiction,  and is looking for a house that will keep you going in the right direction,  then look no further. I've had the privilege and the honor to have worked with Sarah and her husband Troy.  You know how you come across some people who just talk the talk,  well that's not the case with with Sarah and her crew of ladies she surrounds herself with. I would highly recommend the Healing House for Woman to anyone looking for a quality halfway house!!”

SSG Paul Frabrizzio (US Army)

“With all the places that talk the game but don’t back it up, there is finally a place for women that action speaks louder then words. The ops staff at this facility is second to none. Ready, willing and able to provide a clean, calm, organized and supportive living environment for women looking to maintain recovery. Sarah has had a dramatic and lasting effect on my own recovery. There is nothing more honorable then the heart of a selfless person. They truly put their money where their mouth is. Congrats on opening and continued success in saving people’s lives. “

Victoria Ashley Licata

“There are few halfway houses that can be trusted anymore. Knowing Sarah and the caring person she is, I highly recommend the healing house for women. The fact they are willing to scholarship proves they care. She works an amazing program of recovery, and that is very important. The healing house for women will keep you accountable and keep you surrounded with strong recovery.”

Britt Any

“If you are trying to stay clean/sober, need accountability and want to be surrounded and helped by some strong amazing women in recovery, then I would highly recommend healing house for women!!! I know Sarah Leonard and Ashley Quach on a very personal level and all the years I have known them, they are constant in helping someone in need who wants it.”

Stephanie Kennedy

“I highly recommend The Healing House for Women. One of the managers Ashley Quach has played an instrumental role in my recovery. She believed in me and pushed me to do the next right thing. She went above and beyond. She believed in me and loved me until I learned how to love myself. She is a woman of integrity and works a strong program. She always has her hand out to help the next sick and suffering addict and alcoholic. I am blessed to have met her and believe in her vision.”

Alexis Luna

“I can not even begin to express how grateful I am to have had Ashley placed in my path. She has been my biggest supporter since I began my recovery process. She will always show up! She's trustworthy, honest compassionate and always available to help in anyway possible. I would definitely recommend the healing house for women to any female looking for a safe and secure place to recover.”